We use vitamins and supplements to help stay healthy from the inside out. So many of you guys have asked us what we use on a daily basis. We figured it was time to give you guys the lowdown on what we are using every day. It’s not the same every day but we do have a few staples that we don’t really stray from. We take these vitamins and supplements every morning with breakfast. Now before we go on, we need to make two things clear. We are not nutritionists and advise you to seek out medical advice if you have any questions about your personal health. We know what works for our bodies and that’s why we use these vitamins and supplements. Also, this is not a pass to not eat a healthy, balanced diet. We always make sure to eat a nutritious diet that goes hand in hand with our morning routine. All of this works together to keep us feeling our best.



This is something that we recently added to our regimen. You guys know our obsession with skin care and anything anti-aging. This supplement helps our skin from the inside out. One of the key contributors to aging is reduced collagen production. This leads to wrinkling, sagging, and discoloration. That’s why we knew we needed to add a collagen supplement to our daily routine. This supplement has three types of collagen to help support skin elasticity and firmness.


It’s all about your gut. Yes, we said gut! It’s so important to make sure you have a healthy digestive tract. Acidophilus helps promote healthy digestion and prevents intestinal issues. It has also been linked to cancer prevention and lowered cholesterol. We take a probiotic once a day to help maintain our health. Acidophilus has also been shown to detoxify and increase immune function. Those are all huge benefits!


This is by far our favorite supplement. Guys, we can be super high-strung sometimes. Can you relate? We both deal with anxiety and this has helped us on a daily basis. This supplement helps us stay calm and focused. We love that is made from plant extracts. The main ingredient is Rhodiola Rosea — a calming root extract. We take this every day to help us handle stressful situations and have an overall calm feeling. We highly recommend this for those looking for a natural supplement to combat stress.


Spirulina is a type of algae that has a ton of benefits. We promise you won’t be eating that nasty stuff on top of a pond! We love to add this to our smoothies for an extra boost of nutrition. We also take this as a pill if we aren’t having a smoothie that morning. Spirulina supports the immune system and boosts your energy. It is high in vitamins A, B, iron, protein, and calcium. Spirulina also helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol. So many benefits, right?! This is one of our most favorite supplements in our daily routine.

If you’re looking to step up your health game, try incorporating these vitamins and supplements into your daily routine. Let us know if you do! Until next time…

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