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It’s safe to say we have an obsession with coffee table books. We’ve posted about our love for these countless times. Most of which have been in the traditional way — stacked on a coffee table or shelf. But what about the kitchen? Obviously, most everyone has a cookbook or two in their kitchen. That’s the practical idea behind books in a kitchen. But since we love to think about the design apsect in just about every situation, why exclude the kitchen? That’s where coffee table books come into the picture. We love mixing and matching these books to create little vignettes in our kitchen.

We love adding a bit of a twist on the traditional idea of design. We picked up this Kinfolk book recently and didn’t want to just add it to the coffee table. We wanted to find a more interesting place for the newest member of the collection. It’s a fun addition to the kitchen! You can also do this with every other type of book. It doesn’t have to be related to cooking. Why let a room’s purpose define what you can put inside it? Get creative and mix and match.

Another thing to take notice of is the way we stack the books. We are huge fans of the contrast that is created when books are not facing the same direction and not in order of size. Honestly, it just makes things more interesting. Again, why follow the traditional rules?

Do you have coffee table books in your kitchen? Let us know in the comments below! Until next time…

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