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Well, we finally did it. We’ve made our blue velvet dreams come true! If you guys remember, we used to have the comfiest gray sectional in our living room. Don’t get us wrong, we loved it so much. We logged tons of movie/wine nights on that couch.  But we’ve always been drawn to blue velvet — it’s so luxurious and chic. We knew that we wanted to stick with the sectional shape. Since we entertain a lot, we needed to keep the same shape and size. That was super important to us. We don’t have the biggest space so we always have to keep that in mind.

When it came to the color, we knew we wanted royal blue. Though the old sectional was neutral, we really wanted to make a bold statement with the new sofa. That’s why we went with blue. We had originally thought about going with green velvet, but we were afraid it might be a little too bold. We figured blue was the right choice. Though one day we will definitely add green velvet somewhere in our home.

We decided to go with the Elliot Apartment Sectional from Joybird. Something we really love about Joybird is the fact that we can fully customize all of the pieces. We were able to not only choose the fabric and color, but also the stain of the wooden legs. Since we are pretty picky with home decor, this was so helpful. We chose Royal Cobalt for the color — a fine knit velvet. For the legs, we went with a mocha stain. We thought the dark legs would contrast well with the light rug.

Another difference between this sofa and the last one is the amount of space between the floor and the sofa. We maybe had an inch of space with the other sofa. Now we have a ton of negative space. This makes a huge difference. It literally opens up the space. Toby and Aspyn also love the extra space — they chase each other under the sofa! When it came to styling the new sofa, we wanted to keep it relatively light. We added large white pillows with blue stripes to help tie it all together. We also added some faux fur pillows in an assortment of colors. You guys know we love faux fur.

Since we caught the “refresh bug” pretty bad (what’s new?), we didn’t stop just there. Remember how we had three black chairs around our dining room? Well, we wanted to make a change. Though we did like the black chairs, they weren’t as comfortable as we had originally hoped. We realized we needed something super comfy with large arms. Just like with the couch, we searched Joybird for the perfect chair. We present you with the Verdi Dining Chair.  These chairs are super deep — perfect for relaxing at the table long after dinner has finished. We chose the Medley Sand Fabric. We had originally thought about going with a color but decided against it. Since we already chose a bold blue for the sofa, we didn’t want to overwhelm the space. As much as we love mixing and matching colors, sometimes you can go overboard.

Not only do we love the fact that these chairs are super deep, but we also love the shape. They almost give us bucket chair vibes. The high shelter arms create super sleek lines. So chic! We also fell in love with the gold metal legs. Since we have a dark wood table and a dark wood sideboard, the gold really helps break up the materials. Also, just like with the sofa, there is a ton of negative space underneath the chairs. This helps keep the space open and airy.

We’re really happy with how it all came together! Everyone agrees that the space feels more open and inviting. What do you guys think?? Let us know in the comments below! Until next time…




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