Fall is officially here! Can you guys believe it?! We are so ready for chilly nights, fall fashion, and pumpkin everything. Fun fact: Mike is OBSESSED with pumpkin. You’ve probably noticed this from our Instagram… View Post

Raise your hand if you love fries! Hopefully, your hand is touching the ceiling. Guys, we love french fries. Better yet, we love rosemary fries! Let’s be real, you really can’t go wrong with potatoes,… View Post

You guys know how much we love to eat. Food is involved in just about everything we do — we know you guys can relate! When it comes to food, we do try to eat… View Post

It’s always a good time for a cocktail, right? At least that’s what we always say! You guys know our love for rosé. A glass (or two) is pretty much always in at least one… View Post

Hi, Guys! In case you don’t already know, we’ve been pescatarian for over a year and a half. If you aren’t familiar with that term, it means we don’t eat meat but we do eat… View Post