mike and alex walking at KOP

alex shopping on his phone

mike sitting at table

alex taking a photo

alex taking a snapchat

mike in front of water color painting

hand photo

mike with water color painting

alex standing

alex walking under architecture

Hi, guys! How are you?! Are you getting excited for the holidays? If you’ve been following us on Insta Story then you know we are already decorated. We love this time of year! We recently took a trip to the new King of Prussia Town Center to do some exploring. If you’re from the Philly area, you’ve shopped at the King of Prussia Mall. It’s amazing! They recently expanded and built a huge town center full of stores and restaurants. You guys know us and skin care, which means we had to hit up the new Ulta. They had a ton of great products that we couldn’t resist. We also made our way to the new Nordstrom Rack. Believe us when we say we fell in love! Ugh! So many amazing things at this store. We couldn’t get over how big the store was. It seemed like there was something new around every corner. We also loved checking out the home section. It’s one of those stores that you can get lost in.

It was a pretty chilly day out so we had to bundle up. That’s why we chose a cozy turtleneck sweater and an oversized scarf. Both of these kept us warm while we explored. Oh wait, we can’t talk about this day without mentioning the super cool artwork. The Town Center brought in an artist to paint these backdrops for the outside walls. Of course, we had to snap a few pics. If not, did we really explore if we didn’t post on Instagram?? *cue the sarcastic eye rolls*

We hope you guys are having a great week so far! Stay tuned for our upcoming Christmas series. We’ve got lots of decorating tips and tricks and of course, FOOD. Until next time…