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the one bar we cant stop eating, larabar

the one bar we cant stop eating, larabar

the one bar we cant stop eating, larabar

the one bar we cant stop eating, larabar

the one bar we cant stop eating, larabar

the one bar we cant stop eating

You guys know how much we love to eat. Food is involved in just about everything we do — we know you guys can relate! When it comes to food, we do try to eat a healthy diet. We love junk food and snacks just as much as the next person but realize that it can’t be an everyday thing. We tend to reach for the bad snacks when we don’t have healthy options readily available. That’s why we always try to keep our kitchen stocked with our favorite go-to snacks. By far, our favorite snack is a bar. We’re talking about LÄRABAR. This is seriously the one bar we can’t stop eating. We’ve been on quite the journey when it comes to finding healthy bars that we actually enjoy eating. We’ve literally tried just about every bar on the market. The main reason we stop eating most is the ingredient list. Yes, we are those crazy people in the middle of the aisle reading the back of a box. Guys, we have no shame in our game. We want to know what we are putting in our bodies! So many companies make these beautiful packages that suck us in until we read the ingredient list. Umm, when we can’t pronounce one of the words we are OUT. Seriously, WTF?! It’s like we need to be chemists to understand what we are eating. No thanks! That’s why we are obsessed with LÄRABAR. We literally eat these every single day. These bars only contain natural ingredients. That’s it! Alex’s favorite is Cherry Pie and Mike’ favorite is Cashew Cookie. Ready for this one? The Cherry Pie has only three ingredients. THREE. Dates, almonds and unsweetened cherries create an actual cherry pie. To be honest, we are totally confused as to how three things can make something that actually tastes like a dessert. But we are not complaining. Mike’s favorite, Cashew Cookie, has even fewer ingredients — two! We feel so good when we actually know what we are eating. It shouldn’t be a guessing game when it comes to your health. You should feel healthy and energized after you put something in your body. We usually eat a LÄRABAR between meals, usually with some fruit. Lately, we’ve been breaking up a bar into small pieces and adding it on top of some yogurt. It’s like adding granola but way more filling. It also adds a ton of flavor! That’s probably one of our favorite things about these bars – the flavors. We get to treat ourselves to dessert without actually eating that huge slice of cherry pie or cookie (which would turn into 5 cookies haha).

If you guys are looking for a healthy snack that actually tastes good, this is a must-try! We usually buy them at Target because they’re almost always on sale. You know we’re always down for a good sale. It’s also just another excuse to go to Target. WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

Have you tried LÄRABAR before? What’s your favorite flavor?

We hope you guys have a great week! Until next time…

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