Spring is (hopefully) around the corner. Mother Nature has been all over the place lately. Some days it’s warm and in the 60’s and other days, it feels like we’re in the Tundra lol. Hopefully,… View Post

New York Fashion Week is here once again! Just like last year, we were only able to attend Men’s Day due to our work schedules. UGH. But we are super grateful that we were able… View Post

The cold weather is finally here! As we write this, we’re bundled up because it is seriously cold out. We can’t really complain because we’ve been wanting the colder weather to get here. Though we… View Post

Guys, we miss California. We’ve self-diagnosed ourselves with ECD (East Coast Depression). SERIOUSLY. It’s been really tough adjusting. To be honest, it’s hard every time we come back. California is another world. We just can’t… View Post

Summer is in full swing! For us, that means beach days, glasses of rosé and summer shoes. As much as we love fall boots and shoes, there’s something about the summer shoe game. From sneakers… View Post