I Got Lip Filler!!!

As long as I can remember, I have always been insecure about the asymmetric nature of my lips. With our job on social media, comes an increased sense of self-awareness. We look at ourselves each and every day in photos, videos, Instagram stories, etc. Naturally, we can tend to be more hyper-aware of the “flaws” in our faces. As you know, we are our hardest critic. Well, I learned that nobody has symmetric lips. I know I know, I need to embrace it! That’ll come with time. Little did I know, I could temporarily even my lips with a little lip filler. Oh, the power of science.

We were invited to visit the newest Cross Medical Group space in Philly and I knew this was my opportunity to dive into the world of fillers finally. After meeting Gillian, the nurse injector, I expressed all of my concerns about the asymmetric nature of my lips. She explained that the right side of my lip was pulling slightly more than the left. My option was to add a very small amount of filler to the left side of my top lip and an even smaller amount to the right. This was going to help balance the sides as well as match the volume to my bottom lip.

After numbing my lips, I was so surprised at how little I felt. I didn’t feel the needle, just a little pressure as they inserted it into my lip. It was a very quick process. I had 0.25 added to the left and 0.15 to the right. I absolutely love how they turned out. They are so natural with a touch of added volume…. and symmetry of course! I am definitely going to keep up with it over the next few years. I have decided that right before the wedding I’m going to add a little more volume just for photo purposes. What do you think about that??

We’ll definitely keep you updated with the rest of our filler journey. We plan on going back to CMG next month for some Botox! Stay tuned…

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