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Our Summer Style

Our Summer Style

It seems like every year we go into the summer season with a new mindset on how our style has evolved. Trends have changed and new pieces have been released. Though the foundation of how we dress usually stays pretty consistent. For instance, we will always gravitate towards neutrals. Can you relate? 90% of our closet is in the neutral family. But we are adding a few things this season.

We’re leaning into colors more, well muted colors to be specific. We have added some brighter pops of color to our closet but not a ton. We prefer muted oranges, yellows, blues, and reds. So many brands are coming out with collections that are filled with these colors and we’re really into it. The great thing about loving neutrals so much is that they are buildable. You can add just about anything together and it will look good. That’s another reason why we love muted colors. They all complement each other so well.

A Few Favorites from Abercrombie

We’re also loving stripes this season. This isn’t really new but worth mentioning. Zara, Club Monaco, Abercombie, and Free Assembly by Walmart are just a few of the brands we’ve been shopping from lately. Looser fitting clothes are also very in right now and here to stay. No more skinny pants or tight shirts. It’s time to loosen things up — both figuratively and literally. Looser and longer shorts, pants, shirts, basically everything. We saw this a lot last fall and winter too.

A Few Favorites from Free Assembly – Walmart

Overall our style isn’t changing much this summer — really just small additions to the wardrobe. That’s usually how we enter every season. Build upon what we already have and go from there. Until next time…

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