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The Outdoor Kitchen of Our Dreams

The Outdoor Kitchen of Our Dreams

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. Well now, our outdoor kitchen is the heart of our home! All we can say is WOW. What a transformation our backyard has had over the past couple of months. We’re now entering our outdoor chef era, lol. As long as we can remember, we’ve always wanted to have an outdoor area where we could cook, store our tableware, and host our friends and family. After extending our outdoor space, our dreams have come to fruition!

We added these modular teak cabinets from Arhaus. They have the most beautiful heat resistant black stone tops that perfectly compliment the rest of our space. We have a ton of cabinet storage to house all of our wine glasses, tableware, and any miscellaneous items. To make it feel more like a legitimate outdoor kitchen, we added a large wine fridge, an ooni pizza oven and a grill! The grill has been a necessity since our new stove has not been delivered yet. It’s only been a few weeks since we’ve had it all setup and we have been using the kitchen almost every day!



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