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The Structure of a Briefcase

The Structure of a Briefcase

What you wear each day tells a lot about you. If you roll out of bed in the morning and just throw on something out of your hamper you may be sending the wrong signals to people. Now, you may be thinking I am saying, “Oh, you have to impress people blah blah blah” but that is not what I mean. Putting effort into your outfit shows you care about yourself. It shows that you actually took the time to get ready so that you could go out there and conquer the world. Putting a little effort into your morning allows you to exude confidence. Guys (and girls) this applies to your briefcase as well. You shouldn’t be walking around carrying your things in a plastic bag. It isn’t about showing off your expensive bag (which is not the case for this post) but it is about showing that you actually care about your day. It doesn’t just allow you to carry your iPad, notebook, and phone but it allows you to have a piece that shows you are totally in control.
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This bag is not expensive which is why I wanted to highlight it so much. The first thing I love about this is its structure. It is stylish yet maintains its masculinity. The multiple colors are perfect for any outfit. I also love how versatile this briefcase can be. Whether you have a day in the office or a Saturday stroll through the park, this bag is ready for all. The size is great as well. Be ready to fit your computer, notebook, and so much more. Maybe even that scone you just picked up at the bakery and told yourself you would save for later but don’t kid yourself. Just eat it. I know, it’s so good. So whether you are spending your day behind a desk or spending a Sunday morning running errands, put a little extra effort in the next time. It’s not about what others think about you but what you think about yourself.
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Briefcase: ALDO
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