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A Love for Tailoring – Fashion

A Love for Tailoring – Fashion

Fashion month has come and gone and we couldn’t be more impressed with the collections shown. This year’s standout theme must be impeccable tailoring across the board. A few shows specifically stood us to us and we had to share them with you.


Creative director Maximilian Davis is only 27 and his talent is incredible. We have a newfound appreciation and love for this brand. We honestly had lost interest in Ferragamo over the past few years but with Davis at the helm, those thoughts have changed. We are in love with this collection. The gorgeous lines, colors, and silhouettes — phew. Truly in love!

Spring/Summer 2023 Show

Fall/Winter 2023 Show


A brand that will forever have our hearts. These lines are absolutely gorgeous and we want everything in this collection.

Winter 2023 Show

Louis Vuitton

Fall/Winter 2023 Show

Show Notes:

Imbued with the spirit of the inner child, the new men’s collection draws on themes inherent to the genetics of the Louis Vuitton men’s practice: formative development and the universal human experiences that unite us across geography and cultures. Evaluating the impact of the digital age, nods to connectivity are further explored through techniques, motifs, and silhouettes

Bottega Veneta

Last up is by far our favorite brand at the moment. This collection had us drooling. Bury us in the first wrap coat!

Winter 2023

Saint Laurent

We take a lot of inspiration from womenswear and Saint Laurent did not disappoint. What a collection!

Fall 2023

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