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First Impressions of a $390 Mask

First Impressions of a $390 Mask

It’s no surprise that we love trying out new skin care products. We aren’t above trying almost anything out on the market. Price is one thing that has never been the way we judge the quality of a product. Some of the best products we’ve used have been super inexpensive. We’ve also tried some of the best products that have a hefty price tag. But the mask we recently tried takes the cake.

La Prairie has always been one of those brands that scream luxury in the beauty world. However, we’ve never actually tried any of the brand’s products. That was until recently when we were fortunate enough to receive a gift from the brand. Inside the package was the La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask. The price tag? $390! Listen, guys, we have never spent that much money on ANY skincare product.

We were immediately excited to try this out because we wanted to find out if it’s really worth the price tag. We are huge fans of sleep masks so that was the first win for us. Oh, we should also say that we’ve only used this a handful of times. This post is dedicated to our first impressions. We plan on updating you again later down the road. But first impressions do matter so we thought it would be fun to share.

Let’s first talk about the package. If something is going to cost this much, we expect an experience. Lol you know how we feel about experiences. The container itself feels really sturdy. It actually has a brush connected too. Overall it looks and feels super luxurious.

In the words of La Prairie, the skin “undergoes a transformation while you sleep” when using this mask. It is supposed to replenish dry skin, increasing the feeling of tautness and suppleness. It also helps increase moisture and firmness. These are all expected benefits of a sleep mask. Though this one is special since it includes caviar.

When it comes to the mask’s consistency, it’s pretty thick. We expected that since it’s a sleeping mask. It goes on really smoothly and feels super refreshing. The big downside for us is the fragrance and color. We always try to stay away from products that have artificial colors and fragrances and stick to those with clean ingredients. Your skin will thank you! It has a great amount of floral scent. It smells good but it can be overwhelming to have all over your face. Plus, the reason we don’t like to use products with fragrance is because they tend to be irritating on the skin. Mike actually said he noticed his skin had a slight “burning” feeling the first time he had used it. Remember, it all depends on your skin type, some may be more sensitive to colors and fragrances.

After using it for the first time, we did wake up with really soft and hydrated skin. We could actually see a difference in the overall look and feel of our skin. It felt like we had just gone to a spa — something you would expect with a price tag like this one. That’s something we really like about this product. From the moment you hold the package, it feels like a luxury experience. Like you are at the spa in the Four Seasons. Do we think it’s worth the price tag? No. That doesn’t mean we didn’t see results. We totally enjoyed using this mask. We just can’t justify spending nearly $400 on a mask. Remember, this is coming from two skincare obsessed people. Just keeping it real!


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