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Honey, I’m home

Honey, I’m home

Decorating a new apartment can be cumbersome. From the sofa, to the kitchen table, your choices are endless. But learning to be creative with your use of space is key. You don’t get much space when it comes to living in the city. Two people and 400 square feet don’t really go well together, at least not at first.

We love a good coffee table. They have become more than just a slab of wood with legs these days. We needed a table that was functional yet sleek. Since we didn’t want something that would feel bulky we decided to go with glass. This allowed us to keep the space open and inviting. Magazines and books are a must for coffee table decor. As you can see, we may like them a little too much. But hey, who doesn’t love GQ?!

Geometric shapes have really been big this year. They add a bit of dimension but still keep the look very transparent. We tried to carry that theme throughout the entire apartment. Though we aren’t done yet, we at least have a space that is inviting, stylish, and ready for cocktail hour.




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8 years ago

Omg I love you guys!!! You’re my idols. Can we be friends. Here’s my number 867-5309…. call me maybe!!! 😉

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