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Thoughts on Our Style and How It Has Evolved

Thoughts on Our Style and How It Has Evolved

We’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about our style and how it has evolved over the years. It feels like over the past year, we’ve started to really hone in our personal style. We’ve started to think about quality over quantity much more when it comes to our closet. You might have seen the giant purge we did on Instagram a few weeks ago. We had been sitting in our closet picking out outfits to shoot when we realized we had an overflow. The collection of pieces that we told ourselves we would wear again one day had hit a threshold. So we did a major edit and donated 4 bags of clothes. It felt so satisfying to let go of things that no longer served us. With a fresh perspective, we are leaning into more investment and quality pieces. Staples that can be worn in multiple ways over and over again. Less fast fashion and more craftsmanship.

When people ask us how to describe our style, we usually struggle for a few minutes. We aren’t always sure what to say. Sometimes we lean towards elevated casual while other times it’s more classic. Neutrals will always be a staple for us but we’re also experimenting with more color lately. Rather than trying to fit all of this into one box, we embrace it all. We want to move away from those trendy pieces and continue to fill our closet with things that will last for years to come.

A few brands we’ve been loving lately…

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