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Pumpkin Maple Mushroom Latte

Pumpkin Maple Mushroom Latte

Well, the day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! FALL! The first day of fall brings a sense of warmth and coziness to the air…despite the hot and humid weather, lol. To us, fall is all about doing things that make us feel warm & comfortable. Whether that be what we’re wearing, eating, or drinking — we make sure they all make us feel at peace. There’s something about the fall season that sparks joy and excitement. Almost as if it’s a new time to redirect your energy on things that will set you up for success. Maybe it’s the hope for chilly weather or the upcoming holiday season. Whatever it may be, fall is just amazing!

Every morning we start our day the same way. We get up, moisturize our face, drink a glass of water & AG1, and immediately make a warm cup of coffee. During the fall we switch things up and our daily coffee/latte recipe becomes a little more involved. We want you to make each and every moment an experience and this will certainly elevate your morning routine. Pumpkin, maple, and cinnamon flavors combine so well to bring happiness to our morning routing.  We’re excited to share this simple yet delicious recipe with you! We hope you decide to make a pumpkin maple mushroom latte to experience exactly what we do every single morning!

Latte Recipe

2 shots espresso

1 tablespoon of 100% maple syrup

1 tablespoon of your favorite functional mushroom blends – this is our favorite

cinnamon – as much as your heart desires

pumpkin spiced almond creamer – we like to use the Nut Pod brand

  • Add all of these ingredients together in a mug and blend with a handheld frother and enjoy! You can even add all of these to a blender and blend until you have a beautifully frothy consistency (this is what we like to do)

Until next time…

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