Hi, guys! Hopefully, you all had a great weekend. Our weekend was full of birthday celebrations for Alex’s sister. She recently turned 21 so she came to the city to stay with us for the… View Post

Can you believe it’s officially fall? You wouldn’t think so with how the weather has been lately! Guys, we are so ready for things to cool down. Since we aren’t dealing with the normal fall… View Post

Guys, we’re having a graphic tee moment and we’re not mad about it. We are so excited to be partnering with Old Navy this fall to style a few looks. TBH we haven’t always loved… View Post

Guys, we miss California. We’ve self-diagnosed ourselves with ECD (East Coast Depression). SERIOUSLY. It’s been really tough adjusting. To be honest, it’s hard every time we come back. California is another world. We just can’t… View Post

Summer is here and in full swing. As we sit here writing this, the sun is melting us alive. Guys, this heat is no joke! We just want to be by the pool with a… View Post