Sound the alarm! It’s #MaskMonday and we’re bringing you guys one of our favorite masks of all time! Mario Badescu makes one of the best drying masks we’ve ever used. This Drying Mask is our go-to for so many reasons. This sulfur-based mask is perfect for oily and acne-prone skin. Like everyone else, our skin sometimes throws a bit of a tantrum. At the first sight of a blemish, we throw on this mask and let it do its thing. This mask has soothing calamine which makes it great for all skin types. It does harden fast and kind of makes you feel like a statue. That’s the fun of it. Throw on this mask and relax. We suggest washing it off in the shower. The sink works but the shower makes things much easier since it does harden. We like using this not only as a mask but also as a spot treatment. Of course, using this all over your face is great, but sometimes you only have a small problem area. This is perfect for just that. We even put it on the blemish before bed and wake up with a fresh face. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. Our one complaint with this mask is the smell. With it being a sulfur-based mask, the smell isn’t the best. But honestly, we’ll take the smell if it does the job. We’ve been using this for years and swear by it. We’ve had our current container for months and we use it all of the time. This stuff really does last and is worth every penny. Of course, we suggest trying it out on a small area of your skin first to avoid irritation. If you’re feeling like your skin is turning against you, then this mask if for you.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried this drying mask. We hope you guys have a great start to the week! Stay tuned for some new content this week. Until next time…