mario badescu mask

flatlay of mask

alex getting mask out of jar

alex putting mask on

mike putting mask on

mario badescu mask

Hi, Guys! Can you believe it’s already Monday?! Where did the holiday break go?? It seems like it was just yesterday that we were stuffing our faces with every type of pie known to man. Though it’s Monday and back to reality, let’s make this a good one! The best way to start your week off on the right food is with #MaskMonday! This week, it’s all about healing and soothing. Mario Badescu makes some pretty amazing products. Alex even had a chance to enjoy a facial from the Mario Badescu Spa in NYC a few years ago. *Best boyfriend award goes to Mike!* ¬†Aside from their many other products, we LOVE their masks. You might have heard us talk about their drying mask before. LIFE CHANGER. Seriously, so good. This time, we want to talk about keeping things calm and healing your skin. The Healing and Soothing Mask from Mario Badescu is perfect for oily and problematic skin. For starters, this mask doesn’t harden. If you remember, last week’s mask hardened and gave you that statue-like feel. That’s not the case with this mask. The consistency is really creamy and feels great on your skin. It’s full of natural minerals that help absorb excess oil while calming your skin. Of course, we all seem to get fixated on using products that clear blemishes and zap those nasty zits. It’s important to remember that your skin needs a break sometimes. Take it to the spa and allow it to heal. We love slathering on this mask and giving our skin a much-needed break. We love how soft and smooth our skin feels after using this mask. It helps moisturize, which is especially important now that December is around the corner.

This week, give your skin a break. Throw on this mask to both heal and soothe while you veg out on the couch. We all know that we will be doing that since we are still in holiday mode. Don’t try to deny it!

Hopefully, you guys have a great week! Until next time…
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