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4 Ways to Style the Camp Collar Shirt

4 Ways to Style the Camp Collar Shirt

Camp collar shirts have become a staple in our closet — especially given this heat we’ve been dealing with. If you aren’t familiar with this style, this was a staple in the ’50s. The shirts are known for their lack of collar band so it’s more relaxed and loose. The best part of this shirt style is the variety of patterns and colors out there. No matter what the occasion, you can dress it up or dress it down. That’s something we really love — the versatility.

We tend to mix it up with this shirt style. You can wear it open with a crisp white tee underneath or a layered look. Or simply button it up. Honestly, you can wear this shirt on every occasion. Dinner, drinks, vacation, you name it. Almost every brand makes some version of this shirt. Abercrombie has consistently been our favorite right now. But we also love Zara, East Dane, Club Monaco, and Uniqlo. We linked all of the shirts in this post at the end.




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