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Christmas Tree 2021

Christmas Tree 2021

Blogmas 2021 has officially arrived! For anyone new here, welcome! We should probably give you a little rundown of how Blogmas works. We started this holiday series back in 2015 (crazy, right?) as a fun way to bring our love for the holidays to our site. For 12 days straight, we share holiday inspired content with you. From decor to recipes to entertaining, we try to cover a little bit of everything. Maybe even a giveaway or two if you stay tuned. If you’ve been here since the beginning, welcome back! If you are new, we are beyond thankful to have you join our little family and hope you stick around.

We feel like it’s only appropriate that we start Blogmas with our Christmas tree. Every year we like to come up with a new theme. Here’s a look at last year’s setup if you want to catch up. This year, we wanted to continue with our love for natural elements — all while incorporating a few colors. We started with the the color story we wanted to showcase — green, brown, and white. Very simple and classic.

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If you follow along on Instagram, you already know it took us forever to find brown ornaments. We literally drove around to so many stores until we finally found the right colors. We ended up getting lucky at Kirkland’s. We actually found the green ornaments there too. The white ornaments wrapped with twine are from Target, along with the pine cones. That brought in the natural element again. Now our favorite ornament was found at Crate & Barrel. Leanne Ford, one of our favorite designers, created glass ornaments with dried baby’s breath inside. Obsessed, right?! It looks like they are sold out online right now but you can call your local store to see if they are still available. Since they are so neutral we know we can incorporate these into every year’s design. The last part of the tree is the collar we used. We actually used the same one last year too. Most of the time, tree skirts are used but we don’t really like how they look. Instead, we love the look of a natural collar. We also saw a trend going around where you place your tree in a huge planter. It looks so chic! Maybe we will try that next year.

So there you have it, this year’s Christmas tree! We have a lot more fun content coming this Blogmas so stay tuned. Be sure to follow along over on Instagram too. See you tomorrow! xo

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