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Curating A Home. Our Custom Steel Door!

Curating A Home. Our Custom Steel Door!

We’ve brought a bit of the west coast lifestyle to Philly! As you know, we’ve been curating our home and making changes with things we absolutely adore since we purchased our home a little over two years ago. This is the fun part of owning your own home; you can making substantial changes that will not only feed your soul but will add value to your home. One of the last changes (for now) we have wanted to make was having a new back door installed. When we moved into our home, the back door was just a standard builder’s grade white door. Not very aesthetically pleasing and definitely was not fulfilling our interior design hearts!

After some major research on steel doors, the design, installation, etc, we decided we were going to invest in a custom door that would totally transform our space. We love the look and feel of indoor outdoor living. This can be viewed as a west coast type of lifestyle, lol! We found a local Philadelphia based company, Philadelphia Salvage, who was able to create the door of our dreams. We sent inspiration photos and had the space measured. It was finally happening… all during the midst of the pandemic. After about 8 months of waiting, we received the rendering of our dream door. We fell in love. It just felt right, ya know. We knew we were going to have to wait some time for the door to be built. The wait was WELL WORTH IT!

A few months later, we got the call! The door was finished and ready to be installed. The installation process took about two days and before you knew it, our vision had come to life.

The door is absolutely stunning and allows so much light into our space. Living in the city, it can be hard to get an adequate amount of natural light to fill your home. This was another reason we wanted a glass door incorporated into our home. Each morning, our kitchen is filled with the most beautiful natural light. It honestly makes us so happy! We frequently post the door on IG so if you’re not following along, hit that follow button! @alexandmike

Having this door built and installed was one of the best decisions we’ve made in our home thus far. An investment that has made a substantial difference. Enjoy the before and after!

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