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thayers rose toner

flatlay of thayers toner

Let’s take a poll. Raise your hand if you include a toner in your skin care routine. Okay, pretend that we can see you guys right now. If you didn’t raise your hand or you have no idea what we are talking about, don’t worry! We’ve been using toners for years and they have changed our skin. Let’s first talk about when you use a toner. After you cleanse your skin, a toner should be applied. You can use a cotton ball or simply pat it in with your hands. We prefer the “pat” method. You’re probably wondering why you should even care about this extra step. No, we are not crazy. Adding a toner into your routine is crucial. For starters, it helps shrink the appearance of pores. Seriously, it works. We all dread looking into the mirror and seeing pores the size of craters. That’s why we always tone after cleansing our skin. Toners also help moisturize which leaves your skin smooth and soft. That’s something we can all get behind. Now, have you ever thought about the pH balance of your skin? If not, no problem! Today is a new day. After you cleanse your skin, your pH is usually out of whack. That’s why using a toner is so important. It helps balance our skin and bring us back to normalcy. Toners also help prevent blemishes. It’s an added step that helps clean without overdrying. That’s the perfect combo!

We recently discovered our new favorite toner. Thayers has this amazing alcohol-free rose petal witch hazel toner. Yes, it’s quite a name! But seriously guys, this stuff works. The first thing we noticed when using this was the smell. It literally smells like rose water — so good! We use this toner morning and night and our skin has definitely improved. Alex has sensitive skin and this toner is perfect for just that. It’s soothing and helps calm your skin without overdrying. It also has witch hazel which is great for blemishes. Anyone that deals with acne should definitely give this a try. We’ve been using this toner for a little over a month and could not be happier. 

Let us know if you plan on incorporating a toner into your skin care routine! Until next time…


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