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Let’s Decorate: Christmas Edition!

Let’s Decorate: Christmas Edition!

final tree

chest 3

dresser maybe

wooden tree

table piece







ATTENTION: It’s almost Christmas! We are just 5 days away from the big day and we cannot wait. In order to really get into the spirit, decorating is a must. We don’t like to just slap up some lights and call it a day. Decorating is something we really love doing so we like to go all out. The tree is the most important part. We went with a lot of red, green, and gold this year. We found the majority of our ornaments at Target. Like we always say, Target is the best! We decided to go a little dramatic with our tree topper this year. Target had these great paper stars that you could put together yourself. We decided to go with a gold star for the tree. We also hung white and silver stars from the ceiling for an extra pop. We tried to incorporate garland and lights all over the apartment. We really utilized every corner of the apartment to really get into the Christmas spirit. Decorating should be something you enjoy doing. Don’t make it a chore, but something you make a night out of. We turned on some Christmas tunes, poured some wine, and got to it. This was our first Christmas in this apartment so it was really fun to decorate together. We even got Toby involved..well, he mainly just ripped the ornaments off of the tree. But hey, that’s what puppies do. We hope you guys got into the spirit too. If not, it’s not too late! You still have 5 days…ready, set, go!

Let us know how you decorated this year! Until next time…


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