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Holiday Adventures

Holiday Adventures








Well, we are back. Finals are over and the blogging can begin! We have a ton of Christmas blog posts to try to fit in before the day is here, so let’s get started. We LOVE Christmas lights. We love when people go all out for the holiday season. Christmas is not about the presents but more about the holiday spirit and spending time with family and friends. We decided to spend our Tuesday night looking at Christmas lights with our family. First thing you need for a holiday night is…Starbucks. Surprise. Who doesn’t love a good ole’ Christmas drink? Caramel brulée lattee and peppermint hot chocolate get in our bellies. Yes, please. We picked up our coffees and hit the road. We stopped by some B-E-A-utiful neighborhoods during our mini road trip. We tried to visit another town but our GPS took us to a random house so that was a giant fail. Yay for aimlessly driving! But in all honesty, aimlessly driving really just gave us more time to spend with our family. Like we always say, family is so important to us. Yes, everyone loves getting gifts for Christmas but your family is the one gift we all seem to take for granted all year-long. Without lecturing, take some time and spend a night with your family this week. Friends most definitely qualify as family too!

We hope you guys are having an awesome week so far and are getting into the holiday spirit. Get ready for some new posts coming soon! Until next time…

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