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Let’s Spin!

Let’s Spin!








Guys! It has been so long since we last blogged and we are so sorry. These past two weeks have been super busy and we truly haven’t had any free time. But we are back and promise to make time these next few weeks. We recently joined a gym (yay for late new year’s resolutions) and started spinning! We chose Sweat Fitness because their membership comes with a ton of classes and so many locations all over the city. It seems as if this year has been the year of spinning. It seems as if everyone has joined a gym and started spinning like crazy. Whether this is just a fad or not, we are a bit obsessed to say the least. It’s hard to find a single workout that actually works your entire body. Not everyone has the time (or expertise) to go to the gym and know which machines to use and how exactly. We wanted something that combined both cardio and total body and that is just what we found. We kid you not, we have never been so dead after a workout like we are with these classes. Though they kick our butts, they have you feeling so good about yourself. The instructors have such high energy and are so good at motivating you beyond your usual limits. The music is loud (and great) and the lights are turned down low. There is no fear of people seeing you struggle because it’s too dark to focus on anything other than yourself. Even if you have never tried this out before, or you feel as if you are not in shape enough, you can do it! We never thought we could survive an entire class but we did! Now we go 3-4 times a week and actually look forward to it. If you are looking to try something new or simply challenge yourself, then try out a spin class. You will be surprised at just how far you can push yourself.

We hope you guys are having a great week! Let us know below if you have ever tried a spin class and what your thoughts are. Until next time…

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