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The End of Standards?

The End of Standards?

Is the era of standards over? Standards are what we use to hold people accountable; Think of it as our gauge. We have grown up with this notion imprinted in our daily lives. Your teacher telling you to use your manners or your mother telling you to treat people the way you want to be treated. But when did that stop being so important to us? We have been thinking a lot about this lately. The idea of standards has become so convoluted nowadays. It seems as if holding people to a certain standard is really just being judgmental. That just seems too hard to understand. Why has this become such a bad thing? Now, we are not talking about this in a materialistic sense or the idea of entitlement. We are simply saying that it is completely fine to only allow people in your life that meet your expectations, and rightfully so. If someone isn’t adding to your life in a positive way then they aren’t meant to be. The same goes for you, too! You should be helping build people up to achieve all of their dreams. The same goes for relationships. Let us say this loud and clear: NOT EVERYONE DESERVES YOU. Why subject yourself to someone who is not going to better you or you better them? A friend of ours has been going through this exact dilemma lately. She has found herself in this rut of going out with these guys that are completely wrong for her. She actually questioned if she even deserved to find someone. This is why we have posed this question to you in the first place. Stop allowing yourself to go through these awful situations just because you don’t know your own worth. Hold yourself to a certain standard as well as others. Believe that you deserve the absolute best and we can almost guarantee you will get it. That my friends is keeping it real.

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