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Partner Workout: Two Is Better Than One

Partner Workout: Two Is Better Than One










Fall is officially here everyone! We can’t believe how fast this summer flew by but cannot wait for all of the fall festivities to start. Summer involved plenty of pool parties and beach trips which meant everyone was working to maintain that beach bod. Well, just because summer has passed doesn’t mean you have to let that workout rhythm go. Since your motivation level may have hit a plateau, it is time to call in the reinforcement: a workout partner! We love working out with each other because it gives us accountability. We know that we have each other to stay motivated and get a good workout in.

We headed to a local park this week to have our own partner workout. Luckily, the park we visited had these great stations for different exercises. We completed tricep dips, leg raises and pushups to start out. Incorporating a medicine ball into your workout is a great way to elevate your exercise. We used our medicine ball to work on some partner squats by tossing the ball back and forth. After we broke a sweat, we were feeling a little adventurous with the whole partner theme. We decided to try a partner headstand and see how successful we could be. Surprisingly enough, after about 6 attempts (okay, maybe 7..8..) we had mastered it! We finished our workout with some stretching and a walk on the trail. It was so great having each other to workout with. You get the extra motivation as well as the company instead of being in your head.

We challenge you to bring someone along for a workout this weekend. Make it into a fun afternoon devoid of all stress and pressure. Let us know what exercises you do in the comments below. Good luck!


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8 years ago

Love this article! Great exercises and awesome pictures! Two is always better than one when it comes to working out!

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