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alex and mike boscia peel off mask

flaylay boscia peel of mask

boscia peel off face mask

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alex and mike boscia peel off mask

mike peeling off boscia face mask

peeling off the boscia face mask

mask monday boscia peel off mask

Hey Guys! Happy #MaskMonday! How was your weekend? We spent the weekend in Atlantic City for one of our best friend’s bachelorette party! It was so much fun but our skin is in serious need of some TLC. Does that happen to you? We always feel like we need to give our skin some extra love after a weekend out. That’s where this week’s mask comes into the picture. We’ve always been huge fans of boscia. From cleansers to masks, you can find just about anything you could possibly need from this brand. We stumbled upon the Green Tea Oil-Control Mask one day while we were checking out the skin care aisle. Yes, we do that. We literally go to the store sometimes just for that reason. We love checking out new products and letting you guys know what we think! It’s so much fun! We were immediately drawn to this product because it is a peel-off mask. We LOVE peel-off masks. Let’s be honest, we’re lazy. We love being able to throw on a mask and then peel it off 20 minutes later. No rinsing required. How much easier can it get! The first thing we noticed with this mask was the bright green color. It makes the mask super appealing. It also has the best smell. We can’t really describe it but trust us, it’s good! Once you apply the mask, you’ll notice a cold sensation all over your face. You do get used to it after a few minutes and it actually feels really good. Like we said, the purpose of this mask is to control oil. This mask helps mattify and minimize sebum production. It does this because it’s full of a ton of amazing ingredients. Green tea, cucumber, jojoba leaf, and willowherb are just a few of the ingredients that help make this the mean, green mattifying machine!” Our skin feels super smooth after we peel this off. There’s something so satisfying about peeling off a mask. Who’s with us?! It’s definitely more fun than just rinsing off a normal mask. It makes us feel like we just gave our skin a ton of love. Our skin looks less oily and has an overall fresh feeling. We’ve noticed a difference in our skin after using this consistently. We try to use this mask once a week but do use it twice if we’re feeling out of whack. If you’re looking for a new peel-off mask that actually works, check it out! Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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