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Our Travel Essentials

Our Travel Essentials

travel essentials

Cabo, here we come! We are headed to Mexico for the week with Mike’s family and couldn’t be more excited. This obviously means we need to pack a TON. Truly, we both hate packing but it’s a necessary evil, right? When it comes to our carry-on, we have a list of travel essentials we always pack. We write all of this out and check each one off to make sure we don’t forget anything.


  1. Passport. This obviously only applies if you are traveling internationally.
  2. Magazine or a good read. We always bring a few of our favorites — Architectual Digest or GQ magazines along with a good book.
  3. Camera. This one is a must when we travel. We gotta get that content!
  4. Moisturizer & Facial oil. Flying is super dehydrating for your skin. The air on a plane is very dry and sucks all of that moisture out of your skin. That means you need to combat all of that dry air with some skin care TLC. We always apply extra moisturizer and oil once we get on the plane. Once we land, our skin is soft and hydrated!
  5. Headphones. If we aren’t reading, we like to listen to a good podcast or catch up on one of our favorite shows.
  6. Chapstick. Just like with your skin, you can’t forget about your lips. We always apply chapstick during the flight multiple times. Mike’s lips are always dry so he’s constantly applying Burts Bee’s.
  7. Notebook. We tend to be the most creative while on a flight. Ideas pop in our mind and we need to write them down.
  8. Reusable water bottle. We ALWAYS fill up a water bottle before getting on the flight. Remember, flying dehydrates you a ton.
  9. Sheet mask. We love using a super hydrating sheet mask while up in the air. We pop one on and usually fall asleep. Yes, it looks extra and people may think you’re crazy but you’ll be left with major hydration!
  10. Plant-based protein bar/snack of your choice. Last but not least, you can’t forget about a good snack. We always get hungry mid-flight. We try to pack something healthy like a protein bar to hold us over until we land
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