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Most of you already know this but for those who don’t, we LOVE a sale. Truly, nothing makes us happier than getting a crazy deal on something. Anything from clothes to furniture, we’re here for it. Mike recently made a trip to Target after working 12 hours (probably not the best idea – he’s tired and loves to spend money, lol)  and saw they were having a major sale on outdoor furniture. Like a CRAZY sale. All of the outdoor section was up to 70% off.  So naturally, he had to look around. He didn’t go in wanting to redo the space but the sale was definitely a good excuse. Plus, who knows what you might find that will inspire you? Sometimes a sale can inspire us to redecorate or add pieces to a space.

Guys, we found the most comfortable outdoor chairs. They are pretty neutral so they can fit in any space. For starters, we absolutely love the contrast of the large white cushions to the black metal frame and wooden arms. They are great conversation starters and add a bold aspect to our outdoor space.  The chairs are also super deep — perfect for lounging back while relaxing in the backyard. We always take the “coziness factor” into consideration when purchasing a home item. If it’s cozy and beautiful, WE’RE IN! Now, we know we literally just redid the space and you’re probably wondering why we bought these. Well, two reasons. First things first, the sale was insane. Ready for this?? The price is normally $350 for the pair. But with the sale, we got these babies for $80. LIKE WHAT?! How could we say no? Obviously, the other reason was the fact that they would be a perfect addition. We just had to switch things up a bit in the back but nothing major. All of the pieces you saw in our backyard reveal this year are still in the backyard, just in different positions. Since picking these up, we’ve sat outside almost every single night. It makes you want to cozy up around a fire and sip on a glass of wine. That’s the perfect summer night for us. Are you into redoing a space over and over again?? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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