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Banana Nice Cream

Banana Nice Cream

Happy Monday everyone! Today on the blog we are sharing one of our favorite treats with you guys: banana nice cream! This is perfect for all of you ice cream lovers out there because it comes guilt-free. Like we’ve said before, we try to stay away from dairy most of the time so finding an alternative to ice cream was perfect for us. The best part about this treat is that it is still great at satisfying your sweet tooth while keeping you at your best. Treat this dessert like any other sundae you would make. Top your nice cream with toppings to make it even better. This dessert will have you wanting more and the great thing is you won’t feel bad having that extra scoop! You know why?! Well, because the only ingredient is bananas! Okay, let’s start making this treat…

Banana Nice Cream

1 Serving

2 Frozen Bananas

Cacao Nibs

Coconut Flakes

Directions: Cut up 2 bananas and freeze overnight. Once frozen, add bananas to blender. As you are blending, slightly mash the bananas with a spoon to help blend. After a few minutes the bananas will turn to a creamy consistency. Once blended, scoop your nice cream into a bowl and add your toppings. Enjoy!

This nice cream is seriously so good! Let us know how yours turns out by commenting below! Good luck!

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up close

cutting board


inside blender


finished product



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