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headshot of alex with sunglasses and hat

headshot of alex with sunglasses and hat

alex body shot

mike with bomber

mike walking and smiling on sunday

alex in street


mike walking

mikes jeans and sunglasses

Happy Monday Friends! How was your weekend? Overall, our weekend was great — specifically Sunday. Guys, we love Sundays. We love how everyone seems to be in relaxation mode. Maybe it’s because everyone realizes they have to go back to work the next day? Whatever the reason, we like how it feels. We woke up Sunday and made breakfast. We chose to eat something other than our go-to avocado toast with eggs (we’re addicted). We made these INSANELY GOOD pancakes. They were eggless and flourless and kind of the best thing ever. Does that mean we can eat more? We did have self-control and chose to only have one serving — go us! Check out the final product over on IG. After breakfast, we took Toby to the park to run out some of his crazy energy. We finally showered and got ready for the day. How was the weather in your area? It was beautiful here in Philly! Though Sunday is for relaxing, we did fit in some time to shoot a few photos for the blog. Our reward? Sweetgreen. SO GOOD. We wanted to show you guys our Sunday style on the blog. We like to keep things really simple and comfortable during the weekend. We both had on comfy shoes and casual looks. Alex wore a hat mainly because he didn’t want to do his hair. Can you relate? Daily struggle. Our last stop of the day was Trader Joe’s. It was so busy that the line literally wrapped around the store and up each and every aisle. For once, we aren’t being overly dramatic. Though TJ’s is always busy, we can’t stay away. It’s one of our favorite places to shop for food. Also, their snacks are crazy good. We ended our night watching the finale of Big Little Lies. IT WAS CRAZY! We don’t want to spoil it for anyone that hasn’t watched the show yet. If that’s you, go watch it now. Seriously, it’s that good. We whipped up a cheese plate, poured some wine, and sat on the edge of our seats while the drama played out. This was a pretty great Sunday in our book. We love spending the day together and not having to think about work or any other stresses. It’s nice to turn things off for a while and just be present in the moment.

We hope you guys had a great weekend! Now, let’s take on this week! Until next time…




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