perricone md cocoa moisture mask

perricone md cocoa moisture mask

holding perricone md face mask

perricone md mask open jar

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?! We visited family and Toby met his sister (as seen on IG stories). It was cuteness overload! We couldn’t stop recording every move they made. Obsessed, right?

Today’s #MaskMonday is all about the Perricone MD Cocoa Moisture Mask. We’ve been huge fans of Perricone MD for years. The products are made with such high-quality ingredients that you really can’t go wrong. We first tried the Cocoa Moisture Mask almost 2 months ago and quickly became obsessed. Let’s start off with the scent. It smells like chocolate and who doesn’t want to smell that?! The mask is full of these little cocoa-enriched microcapsules. Fancy, right? As you apply the mask, you’ll notice the capsules pop. Yes, they literally pop. The mask transforms from an off-white color to a deep brown. That’s because you are breaking up the cocoa capsules. We love being able to see the mask actually work. The cocoa capsules help release a huge boost of hydration. This helps moisturize and soothe your skin. We also love that the mask is thick and creamy. It feels so good on your skin. If we are in need of extra hydration, we want to use a mask that feels moisturizing from the moment we apply it to our skin. We found just that in this mask! It also feels like we are at a spa when we use this mask. You guys know that we always tell you to love your skin and it will love you back. Well, treating your skin to an at-home spa mask does just that. Our skin feels super smooth and soft after rinsing off the mask. It also seems to have more of a glow and who doesn’t want that?! We’re really happy that we gave this mask a chance. It will definitely be a regular in our (growing) mask collection.

Have you tried this mask? Let us know in the comments below! Until next time…



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