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Sustainable Shades of Green

Sustainable Shades of Green

Even though the colder weather is (hopefully) behind us, matching sets aren’t going anywhere — at least not for us. It seemed like 2020 sparked the obsession with elevating the comfy casual home look. Rather than just throwing on the old sweats from the back of our closets, we all started to be more intentional. Choosing quality fabric and beautiful colors in the sets we are investing in has made us all feel better about what we are wearing. We’ve posted about these sets a ton over on Instagram. We aren’t just wearing these at home when we’re locked up in the office working. Errands, lunch, you name it. Something about a set just makes us feel a bit more elevated. Throw on a crossbody bag and we’re set.

The Free Assembly brand at Walmart has consistently pushed out pieces we love at an amazing price point without sacrificing quality or their commitment to sustainability. We’ve talked about our love for this brand consistently over the past few months. Almost all of their cotton is organic — avoiding fertilizers and pesticides. For these sets specifically, we love the shorts option. This is key as we move closer and closer to summer. We also love the mock neck popover style in these tops — another way to elevate a simple look.

We’ve found ourselves gravitating towards green a lot recently. Though you probably aren’t surprised since it’s been a running theme in our home. It only makes sense for that to flow over into the pieces we choose to wear. We love the varying shades of this color and how they can evoke a totally different feeling depending on what we choose. Are you finding yourself in the same boat? What are your thoughts on the matching sets? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time…xo



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