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The Supplements We Use to Promote Quality Sleep

The Supplements We Use to Promote Quality Sleep

Class is in session! Let’s chat about sleep. Many of us have struggled with our sleep routine. Whether that be falling asleep, staying asleep, or the quality of sleep we get during the night. Sleep is vital to our productivity, our happiness and overall well-being. The two of us truly cherish our sleep. Over the years, we’ve tried everything from melatonin, benadryl, and some of the more “natural” sleeping pills. We have curated the ones that actually work for us and don’t leave us feeling groggy or extra tired in the morning.

  1. Magnesi-OM by Moon Juice
    1. This powder is a game changer. We have purchased this time and time again and have fallen in love. Now, don’t think this is going to put you to sleep the moment you take it. It’s going to help calm your mind, calm your body, and leave you feeling like you’re ready for a full night of sleep. The powder also contains L-theanine to help ease stress and irritability. We can say, it also helps you get quality rest and you’ll wake up feeling energized and ready to take on the day. You add 1 tsp to 8oz water. It kind of tastes like wild berry which is a nice touch. We like to add it to hot water and enjoy it like a cup of tea as we read or journal in bed.
  2. CBD Oil by Lord Jones
    1. You know our love for CBD oil and all of its fantastic benefits. For us, it makes us feel tired, calm, and keeps us asleep for the night. We have definitely noticed a difference after a night of not taking it. One dropper full under your tongue is all you need. We like the Royal Oil which contains 1000mg CBD per bottle and 20mg per dropper full. We take this every single night without a doubt.
  3. Magnesium Ease by The Nue Co.
    1. This topical spray contains bioavailable magnesium chloride that is going to help calm any tension in your muscles throughout the night. We try to workout 5 days a week so this is great to help relieve any tense muscles before we go to bed. It also contains lavender to help promote relaxation and ease stress. We spray 15 pumps onto our legs and arms.
  4. Essential Oils
    1. We have all heard of the amazing benefits of essential oils. We use a variety of oils to diffuse throughout our bedroom at night. We like to use lavender and “retreat” by Vitruvi. They promote a sense of calm and help prepare our environment before we drift off to sleep. We use a stone diffuser by Vitruvi that we absolutely love. It has a beautiful stone finish that looks like a piece of decor

We encourage you to try out some of these supplements and see if they work for you. Enjoy! Until next time…

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