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This Brand Is Inspiring Us This Fall

This Brand Is Inspiring Us This Fall

Fear of God recently introduced Seventh Collection — the latest in its catalog of pieces. Jerry Lorenzo founded the brand back in 2013. To be honest, we weren’t really watching this brand as closely until recently. As soon as we started seeing these photos appear all over social media, we immediately started searching. There isn’t one thing in this collection that doesn’t catch our eyes. From the drop shoulders to the color palette, it’s all so inspiring. We did some research on the idea behind the collection and Lorenzo says, “Our hope is that with this offering, it transcends time and buyers feel more confident. The emotion is flashy but when you walk in the room you’re not the loudest in the room. It’s understated confidence.” That’s exactly what we got from our first look at the collection.

What do you think? Any pieces catch your eye? Let us know! xo

See the full collection here

Images via Fear of God

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