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Living Your Life in Full Bloom

Living Your Life in Full Bloom

live your life in full bloom

live your life in full bloom

We recently posted this quote on Instagram — Live your life in full bloom. We’ve heard this before but it really spoke to us at that moment. Maybe more so now because of the state of the world. Regardless of the reason, it sparked an idea in us. Rather a question. What does that quote mean to us right now? Honestly, we feel like we have a newfound perspective of the world and our life right now. We decided to sit down and write out a few points we are trying to live by at the moment. By following these guidelines, we feel like our life feels more full. Dare we say, in full bloom.

Practice gratitude. Keyword being practice. We’ve shared with you in the past ways we do this but lately, we’ve been even more intentional. Every time we work out, we write down one thing we are grateful for on a sticky note. As the days go on, we can actually see those notes pile up. It’s pretty powerful when you look at it with that perspective. Now when we say practice, we are referring to the repetition of asking yourself what you are grateful for each day — maybe even several times in the day. It seems like an easy enough task but days get away from you and you forget to think about it. We’re trying to consciously think about the things we are grateful for as often as possible. The more we do this, the better we feel and the more appreciative we are for the simple things.

Take time for yourself. This might sound counterproductive to the point of this post. Like how can you live your life in FULL bloom if you are alone? That’s the point. Taking time for yourself gives you the opportunity to center yourself. We obviously spend a lot of time together but we still need our personal moments. Maybe it’s a bubble bath or just a coffee and a book — no matter what we choose to do, we find ourselves coming back together better than before. The better we feel, the more confident we are in daily life. It’s all connected!

Don’t linger on the negative thoughts. At first glance, this is a big LOL. Of course, this is something we should all be doing. But it’s easier said than done. Believe us when we say we know. We both suffer from anxiety — Alex more than Mike. So we understand when sometimes it feels like you can’t stop thinking about something negative. But we still try so hard to pivot when we have a negative thought. The more we find ourselves replacing a negative thought with something positive, our mindset instantly changes. In doing so, we find our outlook on life improves and we’re more relaxed. Thus helping us live a more full life.

That’s what this all comes down to. We are all doing our best right now and any ounce of movement forward is a victory. Truly. As much as we say this is our map for feeling our best, sometimes we take backroads and miss turns. But at the end of the day, we keep our eyes on the map and keep on moving.

Sending you lots of love. Oh, and we made it easier to comment on blog posts so we’d love to hear your thoughts. Until next time…


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3 years ago

I would say that to better enjoy the life of a couple, it is essential to have personal moments to recharge those energies necessary to live everyday life. I am the first of our family who tries to recreate a space by reading a book in front of the fireplace in the winter or even simply having a drink in the summer. The important thing is to carve out time for ourselves

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