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Upgrading Our Dining Chairs

Upgrading Our Dining Chairs

As you know, we love upgrading spaces in our home as it brings us so much joy! We recently got these Stanley dining arm chairs from Arhaus. As you can imagine, when we initially saw them we fell in love. They’re very much giving Jeanerette vibes on a more modernized, mid-century level. They are upholstered with a very soft ‘Home Performance’ fabric to prevent against stains and spills…which means more red wine! The gray washed oak legs have perfectly contrasted the other colors in our home. We like to add pieces that are going to contrast while still remaining cohesive with the rest of our design style. As you can see, we have a bold black marble table which serves as anchor to the dining room. Our previous dining chairs were beautiful but did not give us the “va-va-voom” factor we were desiring. The previous chairs also did not have arms so these chairs are a major upgrade in the comfort department. So far they’ve been a hit with our friends and family…oh and even our cat, Aspyn. These are pieces that have been added to our home collection and will stand the test of time!

P.S. They’re currently on sale at Arhaus, RUN DON’T WALK!

Let us know what you think. Until next time! xx

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1 year ago

They are perfection!!! Love them!

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