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Well, we did it. We FINALLY purchased the mirror of our dreams. For the past few years, we have been truly obsessed with the Gleaming Primrose Mirror from Anthropologie. It’s one of the most well-designed mirrors we’ve ever seen. The 7′ size (the one we went with) makes a huge statement. If you aren’t familiar with this mirror, keep your eye out the next time you stop into an Anthro store. You literally can’t miss it!

Now even though we’ve wanted this mirror for a long time, we couldn’t bring ourselves to spend that much money. Since we wanted the 7′ size, we would have to drop $1400. We just weren’t about that at the moment. But like also would we ever be ready to spend that much on a mirror?! Lol. So we told ourselves that we would have it one day. We just didn’t realize that day would come sooner than expected.

If you’re a fan of Anthropologie, you might have heard of the store Final Cut. It’s located in New Jersey and is essentially an Anthro outlet. They also have Urban and Free People. We do have to say that not everything is in perfect condition. Some pieces might have a crack or broken piece of glass, but for the most part, it’s as if you are in the actual store shopping. Most of the pieces sent to the store have been mass-produced and there is a surplus that isn’t selling in the stores. The only difference is everything is a fraction of the cost.

So the way this went down is actually pretty funny. Even though we wanted to visit the store together for the first time, it just didn’t work out. Mike went with our friend Nicole while I was at work. Also, we weren’t searching for anything specific. That was until I got the phone call lol. I was at work when Mike called me 3 times in a row. When I finally answered he told me they had our dream mirror. I assumed it was still the full price and brushed it off. That was until he told me the discounted price. Are you guys ready for this?! $450! Yes, you are reading that correctly. I nearly dropped the phone when he told me. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to save that much so we agreed we had to have it. The only problem was getting it home.

Since we knew it wouldn’t fit in our car, we had to go with plan B — a box truck. GUYS, ALEX DROVE A BOX TRUCK ON THE HIGHWAY. Honestly, this was one of the funniest things to witness. The truck was so big and pretty intimidating. But it all worked out. Alex drove to NJ with the truck, picked up the mirror, and followed us home to Philly. Alex & Mike movers at your service!

As far as the mirror’s placement, we knew exactly where we wanted it to go. The wall that separates the kitchen and dining room has always been a challenge for us. Since we don’t have central air, we have a built-in wall unit that is a total eyesore. No matter what we put on that wall, your eye is drawn to the AC unit. We previously had a gold round mirror and liked it as much as we could. The mirror was helpful with reflecting the light and made the space feel bigger. But we still weren’t in love. We knew the new mirror would be perfect. It almost takes up the entire wall! The AC unit still shows but you don’t even notice it anymore. The design of the mirror adds so much character to the space. It also reflects so much light from the living room window. It almost feels like the wall is gone and the room keeps going.

We are so happy with how the space looks now. Who knew a mirror could make such a difference? If you are looking to purchase furniture or really anything from Anthropologie, go to Final Cut! Seriously, it’s worth the drive. But maybe bring a truck just in case!

Until next time…

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4 years ago

Hey !
I love your mirror!!! I saw that they are selling two colors of it… and I want to know what color is yours?
Thank you for sharing your deco ideas!!!

morgan butler
morgan butler
2 years ago

Hi! I am trying to transport the 7ft mirror too after buying it. I came across your article – can you tell me how your husband secured it to move? I’m so scared it will break. What steps did he do to protect it?

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