console table and decor

blank wall

blank wall

console table and decor

succulent on console table

le labo candle

book ends

full photo of console table in alex and mikes house

mirror for wall decor above console table

console table decor

console table

Decorating a home is not the easiest task. As you guys know, we moved out of our apartment back in August and settled into an actual house. We’re still in shock. Mainly because we now have more than 400 square feet to walk around in! Seriously, we can finally breathe without hitting each other. But the only problem with having extra space is finding something to do with it! We still plan on taking you guys through each room once they are completed. We did post our bedroom back in September but plan on updating that post soon — stay tuned!  We’ve made some real progress with the house. You guys have already seen most of our main living space on the ‘gram. As we were designing the space downstairs, we wanted to make sure everything felt really open. We have our family room flowing right into our dining space. We love the openness! The only issue we had was this blank wall between our sectional and our dining room table. We didn’t want to just throw a painting on the wall and call it a day. We wanted something that matched our style and kept things flowing. That’s the first thing you need to ask yourself when you are deciding what you should do with a blank wall. What purpose is that wall going to serve? Will it just be filled with hanging art? Or maybe a table will house all of your decor pieces. We chose to go with the latter. Like we said, the wall is between our living room and dining room space. We started with the base of the wall — a console table. We found the perfect table from Wayfair. We love this online store. We also bought our sectional from Wayfair and you guys know how much we love that thing! The white table helps give a blank slate to work with. We knew we needed something on the wall right above the table. We initially thought we would hang a painting or something like that but we needed to open the space even more. We chose a circular mirror to add dimension while making sure everything wasn’t super boxy. Adding the mirror helps with the lighting situation and gives another space to take mirror pics. HA! Don’t act like you don’t do it. We’re all guilty of the occasional snap. But in all seriousness, the mirror adds functionality to the room. The next step was adding all of the decor pieces. We chose books, magazines, and few other items. All of these pieces help add dimension to the table. We love how the area turned out! It’s funny how the table helps divide the two spaces while also keeping it open and airy.

If you’ve been stuck with the idea of decorating that pesky blank wall in your home, don’t lose hope. Take a moment to decide what you want that wall to do for your space. Once you decide it’s purpose, you’re on your way to a beautiful space!

Let us know what you think in the comments below! Until next time…



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