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What’s Next For Our Guest Bathroom

What’s Next For Our Guest Bathroom

Since buying our first home, we’ve pretty much tackled every room in some way. But the guest bathroom has been the one room that has seen the least amount of love. We did change out the mirror and light fixture but that’s about it since we’ve moved in. We knew we wanted to transform the space one day. The vanity is small and not our style and the walls are a really ugly gray (standard for newly renovated homes on the market). We do love the tile work in the shower but that’s about it. We envisioned creating a space that transports you to a luxurious hotel bath — dark and intimate. Not only does this serve as our guest bathroom but also where we take long, hot baths to relax after a busy day. We want it to be a serene space for us and our guests.

Recently, we have been so inspired by textures on walls. Specifically, lime wash and plaster. Seeing movement on a wall is incredible. Something so simple can completely transform the look and feel of a room. After a million hours looking online for inspiration and examples, we discovered Portola Paints in LA. You probably remember us posting the ‘how-to’ video on IG story. We fell in love with the lime wash color half-life. It’s the most beautiful shade of gray. We decided to go with that color for the guest bathroom. We are going to paint the inside of the door and the ceiling, too. This way you will truly be wrapped up in the feel of the space from top to bottom. If you’re skeptical, just wait and see. We promise it is going to look good!

Now for the vanity, the old one has to go. It is so small and the furthest from our style. We wanted to find a new one with natural wood, better storage, and a new stone on top. After searching high and low, we found a gorgeous natural wood vanity with a blue limestone top. We are so excited to share it with you because we are OBSESSED. We are going to add a brass faucet to complement the new light fixture we found. You know how much we love brass. Oh and new pulls for the drawers! For the light, we wanted something different. Luckily, we discovered Sazerac Stitches in New Orleans (supporting small businesses!) from our Instagram friends, @probablythis. They mentioned the brand and we fell in love at first glance. The light fixture we chose is designed to look like a constellation. It’s made of raw brass and has a brushed finish that is absolutely gorgeous. We also just decided we are going to install a half glass wall in place of the shower curtain. We realized we love the subway tile and want it to be on display. Plus, with the dark walls, we don’t want a curtain closing off half of the bathroom. We’re currently doing research online to find the best deal. Stay tuned for that! Let us know what you think of the plans! Can’t wait to share the final space with you soon. xo

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