Summer is here and in full swing. As we sit here writing this, the sun is melting us alive. Guys, this heat is no joke! We just want to be by the pool with a bottle of rosé. Who’s with us?! With this weather, you obviously aren’t wearing sweaters and huge jackets. But we’re not going to lie, we do miss fall fashion. Since we still have some time until we pull out the boots and sweaters, it’s time to refresh the closet. Lately, we’ve been stocking up our closet with short-sleeved button-down shirts for the summer. We seriously can’t get enough. The best part about this type of shirt is the versatility. There are so many different kinds of material. That makes it perfect for summer fashion. You don’t have to worry about melting alive when you throw on your shirt. We love pairing a button-down shirt with a pair of rolled pants or shorts and loafers. It’s one of our go-to looks. We also love pairing a light button-down with swim trunks. It’s easy to take off when you’re ready to dive into the pool but also keeps you looking stylish. We even showed you guys a pool look like this recently on the blog. There are seriously so many options when it comes to styling this shirt. We love finding pieces that really make a statement. The latest trend is bold patterns. As much as we love a solid color, you can’t go wrong with going out of the box a little. Try to mix things up when you go shopping next time. For most of you, that means online shopping. Maybe at 2 AM with a slice of pizza because you can’t sleep? Okay, maybe that’s just us. Nonetheless, we’ve rounded up our favorite shirts for summer 2017 below. Let us know what you think!


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