Holiday Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Blogmas day 9 is here and we’re in gift wrapping mode! We thought it would be fun to share how we are approaching gift wrapping this year. But we first want to make something clear. This year has been tough for us all. Mentally, emotionally, financially — the list goes on. Don’t feel pressure to extend yourself this holiday season. Sometimes the best gifts cost absolutely nothing. We don’t ever want to make you feel like you need to buy someone a gift to show them you care. This post is only meant to provide some inspiration for those giving this year. Just remember, there are many other ways to spread holiday cheer.

If we’re being honest, Mike is the master of gift wrapping. Alex not so much lol. But we all have our strengths, right? We usually talk about the feel we are going for with each gift and then Mike works his magic. This year, we are going with the same vibe that flows throughout our home — natural and warm.

We’ve always loved the look of plaid during the holidays. We even thought about using it as a theme for our tree this year. It’s a classic look that has been around for decades. It’s one of the most nostalgic patterns during the holiday season. We thought it would be fun to use a natural burlap ribbon to contrast the plaid. If you remember, this is the same ribbon we used to hang the wreaths outside of our windows last week. We really love the natural texture. It complements the holiday decor around our home really well.

Another combination we decided on is essentially the opposite of the first. We used a natural brown paper with plaid ribbon to pair with the first theme. They look so cute sitting side by side! We also found this dark green plaid paper that we fell in love with. It fits in well with the overall color story we are going for with gifts this year. We want everything to feel very cohesive and intentional. The green plaid pulls in a darker vibe while still flowing with the rest of the gifts. We also added a solid forest green paper for a bit more simplistic look. Overall, the vibe is warm, classic, and natural. We love the look of the gifts displayed under the tree. It’s fun setting them all up, patiently waiting for Christmas morning. What’s your theme this year? xo

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1 year ago

I love the classic and simple colors you chose for your gift wrapping.

1 year ago

Great decor scheme! I love it, it’s so festive yet classic. Thanks for sharing this

Lisa Folkringa
Lisa Folkringa
1 year ago

These are beautiful! My daughter and I take pride in wrapping a pretty present too

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