It’s almost the official start of Blogmas! Honestly, it feels like we just finished last year’s content. If you’re new here, this will be the third year creating this blog series. It’s something we love creating for you during the holiday season. A quick refresher: we bring you 12 consecutive days of holiday-inspired content. It’s a fun way to connect during this time of year. But before we officially start on the 12th, we wanted to bring you a holiday home tour. We just couldn’t wait any longer!

Now that we are officially in the month of December, the holiday season can begin. Though you already know that we decorated a while ago lol. We asked a ton of questions on Instagram regarding how we should post the decor content. The final consensus was one initial post showing the main decor and then a few more specific posts. So that’s what we plan on doing.

This is the first holiday season we are spending in the new house. It’s super special for us since this is the first home we’ve purchased together. It’s also a lot more space to decorate! So here you go. Scroll on for the holiday home tour. Let us know what you think!

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2 years ago

Your home decor is absolutely beautiful!

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