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Is It Necessary: Moisturizer

Is It Necessary: Moisturizer

is it necessary: moisturizer

Well, we’ve made it to the last post of the “is it necessary” series. Here’s a quick refresher: we’ve already talked about cleanserstoners, eye creams, and serums. This is the last step in the proper order of a skin care routine. To be specific, it’s the last step we’re going to mention in this series, however, the true final step is oil. We’ve already written a post on facial oils and why they are important. Once you’re done reading this post, head over there and check it out. But for the purpose of this series, we’re going to end with moisturizers.

So what do you think? Is it really necessary to use a moisturizer? Short answer: yes. Long answer: hell yes. Using a moisturizer is incredibly important. It’s a vital step in maintaining healthy, hydrated skin. It doesn’t matter what skin type you have — moisturizers are essential.

is it necessary: moisturizer

We use different moisturizers for different skin concerns — hydration, brightening, mattifying — though we typically try to stick to very hydrating moisturizers. During the day, we tend to use a more lightweight moisturizer. Nighttime is when we really pack things in with something super thick and rich — especially since this is the time your skin is regenerating. The more love you show your skin at night, the better you’ll feel and look in the morning.

There are a few reasons why this is the last step (excluding facial oil) in your routine. For starters, moisturizers are the thickest product in a routine. That means if you were to use anything before, it wouldn’t properly absorb. All of those good serums you use would be pointless if you moisturized first. You want to make sure everything you are using is penetrating as deep as possible.


Throughout the day, your skin loses a lot of moisture. Just think about that for a second. If you’ve been running around all day, your skin has been taking a beating. It’s your first line of defense from the outside world. You’ve been exposed to the sun, pollution, and a bunch of other nasty stuff. Applying moisturizer is essentially giving your skin a big glass of water.

is it necessary: moisturizer

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