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Let’s Talk About SPF

Let’s Talk About SPF

lets talk about SPF


Summer is in full swing and the sun is INTENSE. We just got back from Cabo a few weeks ago (click here for post) and the weather was amazing. But the sun was truly wild. Even on a cloudy day, you couldn’t avoid a slight sunburn. This trip served as a reminder that we need to talk about SPF more with you guys. This is truly the most important skin care step, even when you aren’t on a tropical vacation. Sunscreen is basically a shield from the sun. It protects your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. We all love the sun and it can be very beneficial, but with those benefits comes even greater danger. Dun dun dun…. hahaha, cue the horror music. These are what cause sunburn, premature aging, sunspots, and skin cancer.

This isn’t something that should only be used when you’re at the beach in a swimsuit. Sunscreen is a daily requirement seeing as how you are always exposed to the sun. Yes, that even means in the fall and winter months. The benefits are far and wide when it comes to sunscreen.

  • Even Complexion. Since sun damage is one of the many causes of uneven skin tone, daily sunscreen use can help prevent those effects.
  • Premature Aging. When you’re overexposed to sunlight, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles increases. No one wants that.
  • Reduces Risk of Cancer. Skin cancer is not something to take lightly. Daily sunscreen use protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and can reduce your risk of skin cancer.
  • Overall Healthy Skin. When you protect your skin daily with sunscreen, the overall health of it increases. There are important proteins in your skin that are protected when you use sunscreen. All of which help keep your skin smooth and healthy.

We typically apply sunscreen in the morning after our daily moisturizer. Of course, there are days when we forget or become too lazy to apply. For the most part, we always try to make a conscious effort to not forget this vital step in our routine.

Now, something that we’ve had trouble with over the years is the white sheen that some SPF’s can leave behind. The only way we’ve been able to deal with this is by trial & error. One of the best SPF moisturizers we’ve used is by Origins. It’s a moisturizer blended with an SPF that absorbs beautifully into the skin leaving you with a natural glow and no white sheen.

Let us know if you use a daily SPF and which brand is your favorite!

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