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perricone MD chloroplasma mask

mask monday perricone MD flaylay

chloroplasma mask monday

perricone MD chloroplasma mask

mask monday perricone MD

perricone MD mask monday

Happy #MaskMonday guys! Hopefully, you all had a great weekend! Now, it’s time to start a new week with a new mask. We’ve been fans of Perricone MD for a really long time. We’ve always been super impressed with the quality and innovation of their products. This week’s #MaskMonday is all about the Perricone MD Chloro Plasma Mask. We’ve been using this mask for quite some time and feel like we have a really good sense of the mask. The main purpose of the mask is to purify and detoxify your skin. Of course, we love the sound of that. This mask is packed with a ton of phytonutrients to help revitalize and transform the skin. You know how your parents always told you to eat your greens, well now it’s time to do the same thing for your skin! The first thing we loved about this mask was the microcapsules. When you first apply the product, you’ll notice the capsules. These capsules are filled with phytonutrients, including blue-green algae and watercress. The directions tell you to massage a liberal amount onto your skin until the color changes to a deep green. That’s so innovative, right?! We were totally impressed! The color really does change within seconds of breaking the microcapsules.

The phytonutrients in this mask are meant to help with anti-aging as well as purifying and detoxifying the skin. We can’t really speak to the anti-aging portion of the mask because we haven’t seen any noticeable results. We can say that our skin feels unbelievably soft and smooth after each use. Our skin also looks brighter and more radiant. We obviously love that! Perricone MD also states that this mask helps with the appearance of pores. That’s another area that we can’t really give a good assessment because we haven’t seen a huge difference. We think that will take more time to see visible results. Though, our skin does feel so much better after using this mask. This is great for anyone dealing with dull skin. This will help bring your skin back to life. Though the mask is fragrance-free, it does have a minty, eucalyptus-like smell. It’s actually very refreshing. You guys know we love to feel like our home is a spa. This mask definitely helps with that.

Our skin does feel like it just finished a detox after using this mask. It looks more refined, brighter, and more radiant. We need to keep using this mask to decide on the anti-aging and pore refining aspect. We especially love how the microcapsules break open releasing all of the phytonutrients. We really feel like the mask is working. Also, you can’t lose when it comes to greens. Whether you are eating a salad or using a green mask, your skin is always going to love you!

Have you guys tried this mask? We want to know! Leave us a comment below. Until next time…



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