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Our Engagement Shoot

Our Engagement Shoot

Can you believe it’s almost time for our wedding?! In a little over 9 months we will be in paradise with all of our immediate family and best friends. Truly, we cannot wait, it’s going to be such a wonderful time. Until then, we’ll be living through all of these amazing engagement photos.

We had the opportunity to hire an absolutely amazing wedding photographer, Adam Naples. He’s actually a local photographer that we found through IG and a few friends recommended him! He has a very specific aesthetic that we adore. He’ll be coming to Cabo with us to capture all of the beautiful memories during our wedding week. We had a really fun engagement shoot right here in Philly at the Barnes Foundation. We chose this location because it is very similar looking to our wedding venue in terms of the natural feel, concrete walls, and the water element. We thought the cohesiveness would really speak through the photos and stay true to this time in our lives. After seeing all of these engagement photos, we cannot wait to see what Adam has in store for our wedding. We hope you enjoy!

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