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Rosé season is here! Well, mostly here. The sunny weather has been popping in here and there and we’re all about it. That obviously means it’s time to get our backyard back into shape. If you remember last year’s blog post, it was a huge project to initially tackle. Do you guys remember what it used to look like?! YIKES. Here’s the link to last year’s backyard reveal. It used to look like a disaster zone. We finally tackled the mess and created a cozy outdoor oasis for the summer. Here are a few shots from last year.

This year we don’t have nearly as much work to do.  But we do want to spruce things up and give the space a new feel. You guys know how we are constantly changing things. This year we want to keep things super light and neutral. We had a lot of dark furniture last year and want to lighten things up. We’re thinking about some natural wood pieces — possibly a bench of some sort. We’re still deciding on the best option. Last year we had two large black bucket chairs. As much as we loved them, the size ended up being an issue. We need to be a bit more strategic this year with the size and placement.

One feature we had last year was a fire pit. We loved being able to warm up on those chilly nights. The only problem was the smoke. We hated coming inside smelling like a campfire. This year we want to find another option. Maybe something with propane? Or even a heat lamp. Stay tuned for what we come up with. This is a must — especially since Alex is ALWAYS cold.

When it comes to greenery, we aren’t planning on making huge changes. We loved having two majesty palms last year. It truly made the space feel like an oasis. We plan on planting those, along with some more flowers. We also want to clean up our herb garden. Oh, and we are really hoping for some figs this year. If you guys remember, we planted a fig tree last summer. Maybe this year we will actually be able to eat the fruits of our labor!

To give you guys a better feel for the vibe we are going for, here’s a mood board we put together for this year’s plan. What do you think??

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